Useful Forms

Architectural Changes: This form (link is below) is required for any major change to your property excepting the planting of flowers or replacing bushes. If in doubt, call the 6-A architectural review chairman (see Contacts ); this completed form is submitted to our 6-A ARC to start the process. With the assistance of the Homeowner Associations (HOAs) and Resource Property Management (RPM), the ARC process and guidelines were developed, and apply to all HOAs and single family homes. The process has been streamlined so all homeowners will receive notification of approval or denial within 14 days of the homeowner’s completed request. RPM will continue to process ARC requests; they do not approve or deny requests. The Master HOA will continue to review ARC requests for changes, as defined in the guidelines. Key information links for 6-A Homeowner are:

6-A Voting Certificate: This form is not a proxy, but is used for designating the owner of the property, or one of the joint owners, as the voting representative for 6-A business.

Proxy Statement: In my absence from the Annual Meeting of the Association, this statement designates the President of the 6-A Association to cast my vote for 6-A business matters at the meeting.

New Resident Contact Information: New residents are requested to complete this form to provide 6-A administration and the secretary with your names and contact information.

Non-owner Occupant: Complete if you are renting your property, or having relatives or friends occupy your home in your absence.

Authorization for Electronic Notifications: Permission form for announcements to be sent electronically[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]